onboarding guide for the on-demand it industry

Become a top it service provider

I’ve completed 500+ side jobs and will help you get up to speed as quickly as possible in this ever growing industry.

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Onboarding guide

Purchase this ebook for only $9.99 to help you onboard as quickly as possible

Onboard as quickly as possible

Getting into a new industry has a learning curve and this ebook is designed to get you up and running as quickly possible. Become a top ranking IT Field Technician in your area and maximize your potential.

Profile Recommendations

Getting started may be tough but using the included profile recommendations, insurance, tools, and more will help you get started.

jobs are like movie scripts

Learn why each ticket is a movie script. Your job as the actor is to deliver a rockstar performance of being on time and completing the job.

rankings insights

Metrics and analytics are being captured on a variety of data points and I'll show you examples of which are being evaluated.

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