Let me help you become a top IT field technician

This $9.95 PDF guide will help you onboard as quickly as possible into the on-demand IT Field Service platforms such as Field Nation and Work Market

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Getting Started

Introduction to the platforms, provide profile ideas, insurance recommendations, metrics and more to help you get started

Finding Work

It may be tough in the beginning, but I’ll provide tips to help you land those first jobs and proper follow-up.

Being on Time

You need to be a rockstar for sure on the first few projects and being on time will be the most important aspect.


Don’t disappear after starting your project, keeping good communications and providing good information is key.


Collecting required signatures, pictures, and whatever else is necessary to ensure you’re paid for the work you do.

Analytics | Metrics

Exclusive photos and examples of analytics and metrics being collected by the platforms and Buyers

Why TechSideHustle.com was created

I’m an IT professional just like you! Every industry has a learning curve. 

This onboarding guide will help put you on a path as quickly as possible using the information shared with you in this guide. 

I’ve completed 500+ IT side gigs and consistently rank as the top field tech in my area

Let me help you become a technician on a mission!

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I want to help you become a top field technician, as I consistently hear from Buyers that our industry needs more training when it comes to preparedness and soft skills.

Mike Pilley
Field Technician and Owner