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on-demand economies

Whatever you want to call it, the gig | app | on-demand economies are how more companies are finding quality IT field technicians.

Current numbers put revenues at nearly $200 million in 2018 between the 3 widely used platforms.

The TechSideHustle ebook guide includes valuable advice in the areas of profiles, finding work, the importance being on time, communications, and deliverables.

I also include a sample tool bag list to service 90% of the 500+ side jobs I have completed.

What I offer is not magic. It’s simply learning how to complement your IT skills with talent resources which I’ve learned in the past 15+ years.

I want to help you become a better field technician, as it seems like our industry needs more training when it comes to preparedness and soft skills. 

Mike Pilley

CEO & IT Field Technician


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